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Titre du livre : Scream Test Auteur : Grégoire Hervier Date de la 1ère publication : 2006 Editeur :au Diable Vauvert Collection :Le Livre de Poche Nombre de pages : 284 Traduit d'aucune langue, puisque l'auteur est d'origine française. Sid


Thomas Carlyle, a Scottish writer, translator and historian whose "Sartor Resartus" had a tremendous influence on Borges.


lefty author from years gone by, Thomas Carlyle

The Shovel Annual is a comprehensive year in review. 164 pages of the best articles from The Shovel you might have missed, as well as new writing from all the best satirical writers of 2016 includi...

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Many people consider satire to be the most intellectual form of comedy because, instead of using just random bits of comicality, satire attacks something serious and often turns it into something absurd. This blend of lighthearted humor and serious critique can be found in various art forms, but it is found most often in literature. Satire writers attempt to point out the flaws of a given subject, which might influence the audience to take action, and maybe chuckle along the way.

Barry Humphries as Dame Edna Everidge, alter ego of Australian comedian and satirical writer Barry Humphries, in costume as a fairy, 1990 Photograph by Terry O'Neill Available in the following sizes: 16" x 16" / 20" x 20" / 24" x 24" / 30" x 30" / 40" x 40" / 48" x 48" / 60" x 60" / 72" x 72" For questions or prices please contact us at

Αποφθέγματα - Θαύματα «Οι εποχές των θαυμάτων δεν πέρασαν κι ούτε θα περάσουν ποτέ.» Τόμας Καρλάιλ ΠΗΓΗ: