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Tableau synoptique de la préhistoire

I dream of a world where we admire this beauty from afar for what it is and let it be. They are conscious creatures, alive, and a part of this earth, not trophies to adorn the walls of our homes.

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Se cree que vivió en zonas pantanosas. Su cráneo es simiesco y pequeño, aunque de rostro breve y dientes pequeños, en particular los colmillos, lo cual le acerca a los humanos. Su arco supraorbital es muy prominente. Se han encontrado un cráneo, dos fragmentos de mandíbula inferior y tres dientes aislados. No presenta cresta craneal, su volumen cerebral es aproximadamente de 350 cm³, similar a los chimpancés modernos y mucho menor al de los humanos (1350 cm³).

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famille des hominidés Plus

Shield from the site of La Téne, Neuchâtel (Switzerland).

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Italy 10 Centesimi coin 1922 R KM#60 nice grade Honey Bee Vittorio

Italian Coin bee coin. I saw this here and decided to buy one on ebay - I'm excited for it to arrive soon!

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Torque / Celtic, 5th Century BC. Gold; inner diameter 12.9 × 15.1cm. Found in Glauburg-Glauberg, Wetteraukreis, grave 1

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découverte rare en France d'un Mammouth presque complet en Seine et Marne-Plan sur l'un des humérus du mammouth

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Reconstitution Homo erectus

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First Painters May Have Been Neanderthal, Not Human

First Painters May Have Been Neanderthal, Not Human European cave paintings are older than previously thought, raising the possibility that Neanderthals rather than Homo sapiens were the earliest painters. That’s not yet certain: The paintings may have been made by humans at an unexpectedly early date, which would itself raise intriguing questions, though none so tantalizing as Neanderthal painters.

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