You cannot be a healthy person, let alone hope for healthy children, if you sigh and moan every time you encounter your own image, eat a cookie, or see an airbrushed model on a billboard. Even if it amounts to wholesale pretending, go pretend. Walk around pretending to be a woman who likes her body… Because every step toward self-love you take, and every inch of confidence you give someone’s daughter, makes the world a better place…. You are imperfect, permanently and inevitably flawed. And…

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hah - i'm not sure this is such a good look for nude spanx but I quite like this

It's important that we realize that our concept of beauty is flawed. It doesn't lead us to finding true love or true friendship for that matter because what matters in the end is character. It doesn't matter how a person looks, because looks don't last. If you are one of those lucky people that can find beauty in everything, you will find happiness in your life. Boom.


This beautiful womans' story inspired me. Cheri has vitiligo. I think she is beautiful with and without make up. In one photo she is a classic beauty~ in the other, she has a unique and mesmerizing beauty that is undeniable! Embrace your "flaws". Love your 'flaws'. The things that make you uniquely you, are the things that make you beautiful!♥

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