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Let Coffee Wake You Up With New Pour Over Alarm Clock — Design News

Coffee aficionados agree pour over gives you a better cup of coffee, but the old school coffee pot's auto start timer is a great way to not have to think before your first sip. UK designer Joshua Renouf figured out how to give you the best of both worlds, all in an alarm clock.

The World's Most Beautiful (and Terrifying) Stairs

Let's talk about stairs. Besides providing a convenient way to move vertically through one's house, they can also provide a really lovely, sculptural element to a design. Sometimes designers take liberties with stairs in ways that make them especially beautiful — and especially terrifying. This post is a celebration of those scary stairs. Take a gander at these 12 envelope-pushing designs, and don't forget to watch your step.

A Massive Inflatable String Jungle Gym by Numen

How to: Turn an Unsightly Propane Tank into a LEGO Head » Curbly | DIY Design Community

A Stool That Expands to Seat Two

A Stool That Expands to Seat Two - Design Milk

How to: Make DIY Whiskey Flavored Toothpicks

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A Small Wood and Concrete Pot Called La Morena

A Small Wood and Concrete Pot Called La Morena in home furnishings Category

Organic design.

A Self-Sustaining Tree House Community in Costa Rica

Inside the rain forests of Costa Rica, there's an entire "neighborhood" of tree houses... a full community complete with a cafe, community center, and, oh yeah: a network of zip lines, which residents use to move among the tree top properties

Make a DIY Modern, Dieter Rams - Inspired CD & iPod Stereo

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