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Une version du célèbre jeu "Qui est-ce ?" à imprimer et à plastifier pour vos élèves.


Librairie-Interactive - Qui est-ce ?

Cartes des émotions | Bougribouillons

Cartes des émotions | Bougribouillons

Perimeter Problems and Area Art! Looking for a way to reinforce perimeter, area, AND problem solving? This post gives step by step directions on how to make some real math connections for students--and check out the awesome display it makes!

All Things Upper Elementary: Perimeter Problems and Area Art!

In this activity students create a picture that has rotational symmetry, using their name as their starting point. It is a great activity to add to your relief teacher folder because it does not require any photocopying. The only materials needed are white paper & textas or coloured pencils to decorate.

Rotational Symmetry Names

Apprentissage écriture lettres en cursive

écriture - La classe de Mme Figaro

La virgule magique

La virgule magique

à partir de Teachers Pay Teachers

Our Teacher is Missing Writing Activity

Great sub idea. have kids draw a pic instead of write? Lol, Leave it on a day that you don't tell your students you will be absent. Students would love this!!

Our Teacher is Missing Writing Activity

Woah-- what if each student designs a pentagon and we made a group sculpture??

Épinglé à partir de

love these collaborative pieces!

shine brite zamorano: off to a hot start.

"The students are asked to choose a simple shape and create a pattern of that shape to trace onto the paper. The students are told to overlap the shapes to create interesting negative shapes. Then they erase the lines where the shapes overlap. After they complete their composition, they add color to the background with colored pencils."

Mrs. Macre's Art Class: Colors on the Walls!