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Fantastic seafood restaurant branding design by... | Art & Design | Nae-Design Sydney Interactive Blog
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Sophie Calle | Hacedores de Mundo on Behance. Presentation provides different magnifications and demonstrates material properties.
Me gusto, como opcion para la tapa. Poner: E V E - . 2015
THE OTHERS Project & photography by Tina Weiss & Nico Schärer, 2010
I’ll be there tomorrow with some pretty amazing people. Starts at 11am!
Type magazine, Cover from 1962

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Layout Design` / Karina Cukierman / Dancer in the Dark #graphic #design #editorial:
ASTRAEA on Editorial Design Served
DESIGN PRACTICE. : KINFOLK; GRIDS AND LAYOUT DEVELOPMENT - created via http://pinthemall.net:
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Notter + Vigne - Un peu comme voir dans la nuit
EFFP View Magazine : Paul Felton Design
Salt & Wood Zine / by Oddds - Editorial / Book design - Print / Magazine - Graphics