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Macarons chocolat blanc et framboise

Macarons mojito pour le Foodista Challenge #6 | I Love Cakes

Fresh Lime Macarons

Cookies are one of my favorite foods. I adore macarons, but whenever I see them in a bakery, they are so crazy expensive. Surprisingly, they are not that hard to make! As almond flour is used, that part of the recipe is a bit more expensive, but they are so worth it. Don’t buy these when you can DIY. This lime version is perfect for a summer dessert! These would also make a lovely gift.

Blue mood

Macarons sprinkled with jewel tone confetti-like flowers

Macarons Vanilla Raspberry lychee-

9 Marvelous Macaron Recipes

Move over cupcakes, macarons are the new show in town. While France has been the proud purveyor of macarons for a few hundred years, we Americans are just now getting on the bandwagon and enjoying the countless colors and flavors of …

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