De voorlopen van Twix.... een snack met een verhaal :')

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Au dessus du combiné s'agitait un signal indiquant la fin imminente de l'appel. Les pièces s'accumulaient .. une notion du temps perdue

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Zo'n 70's pop had ik voor mijn dochter gekocht, maar het was net of de pop constant in beschonken toestand aan het zingen was... :-)

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La Noiraude - Séquence l'île aux enfants - Années 70 et 80 " allo, c'est la noiraude....!"

School toiletten. Oh ja.. Deze ziet er schoon uit, maar ik herinner mij ze vooral met bruine plekken!

Les malheurs de Sophie, by Comtesse de SEGUR by consus-france, via Flickr

wow, i had totally forgotten about this - i think it was like a chocolate covered nougat with chunks of nuts

Trips to France. I used to go to Brittany each Easter and October with a group of kids from my home area and our local vicar. He'd never organise accommodation and for food, he'd knock on a door and ask people to feed us, especially first breakfast on arrival. Then we'd go and sing in the local hypermarket to raise some money for our trip. We'd have to sleep in his small Renault car sometimes too. I can't imagine this being allowed nowadays, but it was a brilliant adventure.

I'm the "kiki of all the kikis"! that's how my sister had called me when we were young!' (really, it's not a joke)

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