We are in love with this peaceful display.   "21 Awesome Bookshelf Ideas You Need to See" via BookBub
Can be built using Ikea thin wall boards... Just thick enough for drinks. But not big enough for bags so we dont have to worry about weight.
crates shelves | estante de caixas #decor #estante #crates
Repurposed wood plank walls...great for bathroom, behind headboard in bedroom, room splitting walls or living room
Basement Wall Decoration,
2handS: des murs en bois de récup'
Meandering wall shelving in two colors makes every part of this wall lively and interesting.
Muuto Stacked Shelf Wishlist

Encore plus d'idées
Muuto Cover Stuhl von Thomas Bentzen - Designermöbel von
Take advantage of the vertical space in your apartment by creating storage along your walls. This is a great way to store things like books and movies that you don't want to hide away, but that you don't use all too often.
This for serving dishes...smaller unit, but this same idea. Different sized cubbies for different dishes.
read your book case -- could I make this??
prop storage. photo: Mark Tuckey
box wall book shelves