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Claude Ponti, ma vallée, une maison extraordinaire !!!
Par la bande: Pour une (bonne) édition intégrale de l'oeuvre de Moebius
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le cas des cases: Manu Larcenet : Blast, tome 2
Sur l'île des Zertes: Claude Ponti: Livres
Leonardo Da Vinci
The shipyard shuts down, Marco becomes a father, his mother learns how to live alone, a man dies in the countryside, and a journalist flies off the handle. Through the little things, marked moments and commonplace sadness, Manu Larcenet concludes his portrait of an ordinary man, and the imperfections that we're all familiar with. Thus ends one of the greatest successes of contemporary European comics.

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Charles and Ray EamesA chair that looked like a potato chip. Another that resembled a "well-used first baseman's mitt." A folding screen that rippled . . .  With a grand sense of adventure, Charles and Ray Eames turned their curiosity and boundless enthusiasm into creations that established them as a truly great husband-and-wife design team. Their unique synergy led to a whole new look in furniture. Lean and modern. Playful and functional. Sleek, sophisticated, and beautifully simple.
"Il profumo è il fratello del respiro" (Yves Saint Laurent) •
"...and then I realized I could just use a camera and put my time into an idea instead." -Cindy Sherman
Zaha Hadid
Carlo Scarpa                                                                                                                                                     Más
Victor Vasarely was a Hungarian French artist whose work is generally seen as aligned with Op-art. His work entitled Zebra, created by Vasarely in the 1930s, is considered by some to be one of the earliest examples of Op-art. Vasarely died in Paris in 1997.
Georges Lucas
Jacques Androuet du Cerceau (portrait du XIXe siècle, musée des Beaux-Arts d'Orléans)