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present perfect - board game


Present Perfect Simple. Present Perfect Continuous

à partir de La Classe de Bertaga

Mon journal de bord en images

Mon journal de bord en images - Dans ma classe, il y a...

Mon journal de bord en images

Teacher Binder/ LOVE THIS LADY! I wish I was this organized!

Teacher Binder

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Teacher Binder and Planner Owl Free Updates Editable

Teacher and Lesson Planner Editable with Common Core SS

A Modern Teacher

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The First Grade Parade

Looks like a neat idea! @Alisia Kurr flip charts that say: I need help, I'm working hard, and I'm finished

Hawk's Nest

This one isn't mine, but I have a board like this in my classroom this year. It's great - it's basically a thesaurus on a bulletin board. I teach fifth grade, but this would be great for younger grades that may not be ready to use the actual thesaurus - they can still use, as I call them, "fancy words!"

Une nouveauté pour la rentrée : le Word Wall (mur de mots)