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Tuto pochette pour papiers de voiture - C bien fée !


DIY Draft Stopper

DIY Chasseur de courant d'air


Make your own Swiffer Sweepers that are washable & reusable. You'll need an Old Towel, Scissors, a Tape Measure, your Sewing Machine & thread, & your Swiffer Sweeper to measure). Cut 1 Long piece @ 5 1/2 inches x 11 inches & 2 Small pieces @ 5 1/2 inches x 3 inches. Sew the two small pieces to the ends of the long piece, leaving the openings facing each other. You have to make sure not to add width to your small pieces or it will not slide on. These will work great & save you money.


" Le portefeuille parfait! " (tuto du "portefeuille 6 en 1" de La Petite Cabane de Mavada)


tuto pochette à mouchoirs trop bien


umm...genius. Velcro bedskirt. Easy to wash, easy to put back on, no moving the entire bed for it, and always stays put! --I had been trying to figure out a DIY for this and here it is!


J'aime beaucoup l'indigo avec ce jaune. Et le tissu Jotta Landsdotter, forcément!

Comment faire des rideaux = tuto

capa de máquina de costura fofa