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Pate-a-modeler diy ecolo Recette de la pate à modeler écolo faite maison ou en ateliers :

Summer Craft for Kids

1. Start with a paper plate 2. Cut a small triangle from the plate (a la Pacman) 3. Tape the triangle to the back of the plate as the tail 4. Draw an eye (and decorate, if you’d like) One little goldfish. After mastering the basics, we mixed it up with bows, flowers, hair, a sailor hat, glitter, and whatever we could find. The possibilities are endless.

Ways to Reuse Empty Pill Bottles: Crafts, Ideas, and More

This is the coolest version of recycled crayons I've ever seen.

superbes ces papillons à faire avec des caissettes !! Coffee filters, glitter and clothes pins.

Des décors de Noël faits de….. | Sakarton

Cette lampe est tout simplement magique et féérique ! Son scintillement animera vos soirées et impressionnera vos enfants

diy gift boxes

diy gift boxes