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New type of scarf. This happens to be the worlds lightest scarf, made from Amaike Super-Organza fabric. To put it bluntly, when you walk into a room wearing this, it flows making the entrance that more spectacular. I have to get one of these!


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"These clothes by Montreal fashion designer Ying Gao curl and unfurl in reaction to light. The garment plays a mediating role between man and his environment. By using light, Living Pod is similar to project Walking City, which uses air to make the pieces look like they are breathing." 2 interactive coats. Leather, super organza and electronic devices

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(NO)WHERE (NOW)HERE2 interactive dresses, Super organza, photoluminescent thread, PVDF, electronic devices by Ying Gao

ying gao - designer

Super Organza: The lightest fabric in the world, polyester thread of 7 deniers, or 5 grams per square meter, Amaike Textile Industry.

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Jakob Schlaepfer for Alexander McQueen.

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jakob schlaepfer//amaike super organza.

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Amaike Textile Industry - super organza, an exceptionally light (polyester) fabric

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