This is awesome idea. Brilliant idea actually. LOVE IT - and are going to make my own
Établi fait à partir d'une porte recyclée!
Qui savait? Sucre et jus de citron pour nettoyer du laiton ternis
Les 15 Utilisations Surprenantes du Coca-Cola.
le citron qui ôte le tartre
Meuble à chaussures - Shoesing

Encore plus d'idées
Fold-up Garage Work Table (could also work as a fold up garden table in a greenhouse/shed or a fold up cheese table in a milking barn).
quick and easy garage workbench from metal shelving units - Google Search
70 ιδέες για κατασκευές απο παλιά Jeans! {Μέρος 2ο} | Φτιάξτο μόνος σου - Κατασκευές DIY - Do it yourself
Wonderful bathroom cleaning tips from Martha Stewart
Garage diy tools organization tips folding bench
Hmmm....says to : keep one in the shower filled with a mixture of half vinegar and half Dawn dishsoap. Use it to wipe down the shower while you are in there and your shower will always be clean.
1 c vinegar + 1 c hot water + 10 min microwave = steam clean  Totally works. No more scum, no funky smells.
This works like a charm!!  Clean your oven using only vinegar and baking soda.
Clean microwave