Anoushka Gresvig Mac-Crohon
Anoushka Gresvig Mac-Crohon
Anoushka Gresvig Mac-Crohon

Anoushka Gresvig Mac-Crohon

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Feature Friday: Modern Farmhouse in Atlanta

modern farmhouse atlanta072

Mudroom Design

Mudroom: like these lockers because they have logical storage cubbies - top for baskets; miscellaneous cubbies; jacket hooks; shoe cubbies + tubs beneath

Love this mudroom. Individual spots for jackets, low shelves for shoes, maybe the top baskets for scarves, gloves and hats?

Interior Buanderie,Pièces Annexes,Chalet,Carillon,Vestiaire,Tortue,Entrée,Rangement,Armoires De Vestiaire

Mudroom lockers, mudroom cubbies, gray doors, painted gray doors

Reclaimed post and beam barn transformed to family retreat in Idaho

Vestiaire Chalet,Rangement Ingénieux,Déco Montagne,Mudroom Pays,Mudroom Rustique,Mudroom Foyer,Garage Vestiaire,Idées De Vestiaire,Casiers De Vestiaire

Serre Samenvatting,Mudroom Gris,Construit Dans Des Casiers,Portes De Casier,Leon,Couloir,Intérieur,Décoration,Mudroom Lockers With Doors

Love this design - the bottom is open for boots, individual spaces for gear and double shelves above.

Wow...a locker room at home for all five kids and their gear....AMAZING!!!