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+1 Editor's Pick: "Casino Digital Wayfinding" for Mohegan Sun (by SapientNitro North America) Seek and ye shall find...SapientNitro helps you find your way through all that Mohegan Sun has to offer.

#5 "Zagreb Be There" for Zagreb (by Bruketa&ZinicOM ) The key to the city...Your personal guide to Zagreb, in your pocket.

#4 "Pecan (60 sec)" for United (by mcgarrybowen) World traveler...They do say that English is the hardest language to learn.

#3 "The Take Off" for (by LES GAULOIS) Check please...I guess that's another meaning of throwing it against the wall and seeing if it sticks.

#2 "Bad Boys" for Disneyland Paris (by BETC Paris) Bad to the bone...Tough guys and gals let their guards down once they arrive at the most magical place on Earth.

#1 "Take Off" for Aerolíneas Argentinas (by Madre) Poetry in motion...The thrill of flying can capture you when you are a child, but never has to let you go.

#1 "Reconsider South Africa" for South Africa (by Ireland | Davenport)

#5 "#LoveTravels with Tim Howard" for Marriot

#4 "Vacationizer" for Expedia (by Creative Juice\Kuala Lumpur)

#3 "More Indian Than You Think" for Lufthansa (by Kolle Rebbe Werbeagentur GmbH)

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