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+1 Editor's Pick: "For the Future You" for Phones4u (by adam&eveDDB) Spoiler alert...This new phone fanatic takes a ride in a DeLorean and gets a peek at her glamorous future.


"For the Future You" for Phones4u (by adam&eveDDB)

#1 "Goode Times and Bad (60 sec)" for Royal London (by VCCP) Ye olde bank...Through the slings and arrows of life (all too literally, in this case), Royal London will be there.

"Goode Times and Bad (60 sec)" for Royal London (by VCCP)

#3 "Canada Goos x wings+horns" by Nadia Tan (Notch Video) Baby, it's cold outside...Tell the winter weather to get stuffed and insulate yourself for the coming months.

"Canada Goose x wings+horns" for Canada Goose

#4 "Game of Phones" by Scott Otto Anderson (Photoplay Films) The battle is on...Follow the clues, slay your enemies and claim victory over your foes.

Épinglé à partir de

#5 "Christmas Cards 2014" by Eric Lynne (Partizan London) Subtle hints...What to get the aunt with the heart of gold. A clue.

"Christmas Cards 2014" for Harvey Nichols (by adam&eveDDB)

+1 Editor's Pick: "The Little Present" by Mark Burnett (Whitehouse Post) Family values...Friends and family surround the table to celebrate the holiday season.

"The Little Present" for Lidl (by TBWA\LONDON)

#1 Scott Lyon "Anyone's Game" (outsider) Swinging for success...With the right tools at their disposal, anyone can hit a financial hole in one. #Director #Advertising #Creative

"Anyone’s Game" for HSBC (by Saatchi & Saatchi)

#2 Marc Sidelsky "Wonderland" (Bouffant) Imagination runs wild...It's like Candyland...with gas. #Director #Advertising #Creative

"Wonderland" for Total (by Havas South Africa)

#3 Daniel Kleinman "Frozen Pint" (Rattling Stick) Back in the habit...Jean-Claude's at it again, dancing his little heart out in his fortress of ice. #Director #Advertising #Creative

"Frozen Pint" for Coors Light (by VCCP)

#4 Mike Maguire "Yogis, Carpets, Yachts and Aliens" (Biscuit Filmworks USA) Fit for a king...Or a queen...or an get the point. #Director #Advertising #Creative

"Yogis, Carpets, Yachts and Aliens" for Honda (by RPA)