Ozonew Tellysa

Ozonew Tellysa

Vive le yuri. Et vive Guzma.
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All the lovely kids aside, as much as I love them, this is what I actually ship in Pokemon SM.

Chicken Hat Trainer and Guzma
Pour en savoir plus : pixiv.net.

Chicken Hat Trainer and Guzma

Ilima and Guzma

i kept thinking about willow being spark’s dad and guzma being his uncle - 3 End

howdy doody i draw the booty


Aren Garci

“AU where literally everything is the same except… ” EDIT: @somewhat-nerdy was the one who thought of this! First piece I’ve finished using my laptop! Apologies if it’s a little messier than normal, but I’m still happy with how this turned out. I had...

Poor Gladion is in the back and Guzma is all like "IM SOO COOOOL!"