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Carole and Frederika who live in Saint Denis, spent the morning sharing their family stories with me

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Off the beaten track, Nicolas took us to his favourite Chinese Creole diner (plastic chairs and tables, inexpensive food) and it was excelle...

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Hand pollination of vanilla in Reunion - every bud is pollinated this way and technique affects the size of the bean.

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Makrut limes,

Author (2nd left) with a family of local farmers - they titled this: "The Malabar returns home" - Malabar a reference to Indians, here in Re...

"I left school when I was 15 to start working. I have no education. But, I have been working from that moment. When I look at this, and thin...

Les Temple Colosse in Champ Borne - cultural glimpse into Reunion

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The lush vegetation, waterfalls and rivers in Salazie. After entire day of rain yesterday, you can imagine the humidity here today. Beauty a...

Meet Yves and Elourda Serivin. Yves' ancestors on his mother's side can be traced to the Anglo-Indian women from Goa who arrived as brides a...

Weaver birds and sunset. Les Aviron

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