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Frégate furtive Surcouf (F711) #boat #bateau #marine

, la tête de série du programme des frégates multi-missions (FREMM) en impose. Sous les grues du site, le puissant bâtiment arbore ses lignes furtives, résolument modernes. « Elle a de l'allure quant même », lâche un ouvrier. Dans sa voie, on sent poindre une certaine fierté, manifestement partagée par bon nombre de ...

French Marine Nationale BPC* Mistral and FLF* La Fayette return to home port of Toulon, 17 July 2014, after 4 months deployment on operation Jeanne d'Arc, training with multiple countries navies and armed forces. *BPC - Baitement de Projection et Commandement - equivalent to LPD amphibious assault helicopter carriers. LFL* - Frégate Légère Furtive - light stealth frigate.

French Marine Nationale ("Light Stealth Frigate") Frégate Légère Furtive FLF La Fayette, part of Mission Jeanne d'Arc, with BPC Mistral, amphibious landing/helicopter carrier. Here relieving sloop (l'aviso) Commandant Birot. Part of Operation Corymbe, anti piracy patrols in Gulf of Guinea.

Charles de gaulle

Charles de Gaulle

Light Festival lyon, France . It was lightly raining as we ran through the town of Lyon in search of this beautiful cathedral. We arrived as the sun was setting. It was a stunning moment in my life. Always to be remembered.

Lyon, France...not only the food capital of France but also where the Dubuissons are from. We are dying to go here next time in Europe.

Lyon France... beautiful green patina (it's sad that all I can think of when I see this is Weeping Angels...)

Autumn on Île Barbe, an island in the middle of the Saône river, near Lyon - France.