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The People Working With VR

People working with virtual reality in an artistic, commercial, development or research capacity.
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Stellarc is the one of the world’s most celebrated artis working within technology and the visual arts. He is both an artist and a phenomenon, using his body as medium and exhibition space. Working in the interface between the body and the machine, employing virtual reality, robotics, medical instruments, prosthetics, and the Internet, Stelarc’s transhumanist art makes science fiction seem plausible.


Stelarc: Actuate/Animate: Event for Avatar | Science Gallery

Dr. Brunye guides a human research volunteer through a virtual reality experiment in which the volunteer is tasked to navigate a complex MOUT environment while maintaining vigilance to her surroundings. (Photo by Mr. David Kamm, NSRDEC)

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Toni Dove is an artist/independent producer who works primarily with electronic media, including virtual reality and interactive video installations, performance and DVD-ROMs that engage viewers in responsive and immersive narrative environments. Dove has received numerous grants for her work, including support from the National Endowment for the Arts, The Rockefeller Foundation and the Langlois Foundation. For more information on Toni Dove, please visit her site:

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Why Oculus Rift And Virtual Reality Could Be Huge And Not Just For Gamers

NASA astronaut Garrett Reisman uses virtual reality hardware to rehearse some of his duties prior to a mission to the International Space Station. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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Atlas: Virtual Reality Made Real by Aaron Rasmussen — Kickstarter. Atlas is a positioning system that consists of an app for the iPhone and markers placed on the ground. When worn by the player, it translates your real world movement into virtual reality.

Atlas: Virtual Reality Made Real

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Valve's Joe Ludwig on the uncertain future of virtual reality and partnering with Oculus

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Virtual Gallery Curates The Masterpieces Hidden In Video Games [Pics

Artist Jon Gourley has opened the Video Game Art Museum, featuring the 8-bit paintings from the backgrounds of video games.

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Maurice Benayoun: French artist working with new-media. A number of works centre around ideas of virtual reality. See:

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Julian Stadon: mixed reality media artist and PhD candidate at Curtin University of Technology. See:

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