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D+ Mood : Quand le parquet et le carrelage font bon ménage.

Collec de carreaux de ciment

this might go well in Lauren's laundry room and give the room a color direction

Eulalie's Sky Dresser

If you watched the “prove yourself wrong” video, you already saw how this dresser turned out, but I wanted to give it a proper before and after post. Here’s the before… This piece really was a pretty one as is, but I needed a piece to paint and crossed paths with this one. I decided to …

French grain sack dining chairs are created with paint and old grain sacks.

Hall d'entrée provençal

Advanced framing techniques using 2x6 lumber @ 24 inch spacing.

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How to Build a Shed (with a Record 100 Pics, Vids, and Diagrams!)


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