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How To Make Lace from 1899

How to make lace.

Designs for Lace Making

Designs for lace making

"History of Lace" by Mrs. Bury Palliser - free online

History of Lace - Google Play

Easy Lessons for the Lace Makers 1901

Free Teneriffe Lace pattern booklets (in the public domain)

Free Teneriffe Lace Patterns

Old Point Lace : And How to Copy It by Daisy Waterhouse Hawkins. In the public domain.

Old point lace : and how to copy and imitate it

La dentelle renaissance - point lace. Entire vintage book. Just touch pages.

La dentelle renaissance

Old lace, A Handbook for Collectors

Bobbin Lace Artistic Cluny laces

Complete instructions

Book on Lace 1604 by Antonello Bertozzi; Pattern Book of various needle laces. This book is primarily one of patterns of various sizes, shapes and designs of lace one makes with a needle. There is no dialogue telling you how to make the lace, it is presumed you already know how to do this. There are various calligraphy styles demonstrated in the book. The book may be a reprint of a 1640 pattern book, but last page of book has insertion that the party bought the book in Rome in 1900.

Medici Lace and the Art of Making It

Medici lace and the art of making it

Lace, its origin and history Lace book

Lace, its origin and history

Church lace : eight patterns in pillow-lace (1920)

History of lace

History of lace

Illustrated Book of Patterns for Lace Making

Illustrated book of patterns for lace making

Romanian point lace Looks very much like rose point. #needlelace close up

Romanian Point Lace (Macramé Crochet Lace) course from Anna Burda needlecraft magazine, January, 1990 issue.

The Priscilla Battenberg and point lace book

Self Instruction In Modern Lace Making, published in 1916.

Self Instruction In Modern Lace Making

Madame Goubaud's point lace book : instructions...

Madame Goubaud's point lace book : instructions and patterns

Madame Goubaud's point lace book instructions and patterns Published 1877

Madame Goubaud's point lace book (Open Library)

Instructions for lacemaking 1878 Point and Honiton Lace

Instructions for lace making .. (Open Library)