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Exquisite Antique Lace

"F0000031/005", Klekljarica

Čipkarstvo | Slovenski etnografski muzej

Tambe en figures.

Slovak lace from the Saris region Ivana Pancikova

A Belgian lace-maker, identified by her costume and the lace-pillow under her arm, which would have been held on her lap while working on lace. Photographer unknown, via Paul Frecker Nineteenth Century Photography.

Paul Frecker - Nineteenth Century Photography

Geparelde Rosaline

Woman’s bobbin lace glove. Italian, about 1650–1700.

Stunning punto-in-aria lace. It is indeed modern, as in "made today", but is crafted with a technique common during the late XVI century: there is no fabric "ground", only a skeletal framework of threads stitched on a paper pattern/card, which is obviously removed when the work is done.

Embroidery and Lace; Their Manufacture and History. In the public domain.

~LACE WEDDING GOWN, Paris, circa 1910~ Ecru cotton net w/Brussels lace applique, 1-piece, empire, trained skirt, Petersham stamped. Via Augusta Auctions.

handmade lace with a botanical motif

Accessory set | Irish | The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Ornament for garment 17th century linen (needle lace)

Antique hand made lace curtains.

Ems Heart Antique Linens -Needlelace Monogrammed Antique Italian Linen Napkins


The Sheelin Antique Irish lace Museum Youghal Lace

Honiton - detail

19th C. English Honiton Bobbin Lace with Butterfly layered wings

how to make a Puerto Rican pillow

marisa-ramirez: ryba kalendare

natural beauty — marisa-ramirez: ryba kalendare